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Glide offers two options for financing assistance to make it a little easier for your agency to bring on a Glide Patrol Fleet. First, we are well aware that many of these type of agency purchases require grants to make them work. So we do our best to assist in that process. Secondly, if it would be beneficial to your agency to lease the equipment as an alternative - Glide Patrol is now offering a Fleet Leasing program. Both options are discussed below:


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1. Grant Assistance – Over the years we have experienced the need and process of preparing grants for agency equipment purchases. We have been fortunate enough to work with some experienced and talented grant writers within the Public Safety field and as such have learned a bit about the process and have developed some supporting documentation. We understand that every city and relative situation is different, so do our best to target and specialize documentation and/or presentations accordingly.

Since we know that your grant processes may differ from city to city and need to follow your established protocals, it is our objective to simply augment the documentation process and hopefully make the process easier to navigate. A win-win for us all if things go smoother than the norm. If your agency has an interest in grant assistance - please reach out to us for a conversation.

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2. Fleet Leasing Option – In eary 2020 we decided to add a Leasing option for our Patrol Division in order to make owning a G2 fleet a little more affordable and a renewable resource if that is the agency goal. Our lease program can be flexible, but generally we set a 3-Year term.

Here's how it works: Whatever the fleet quantity is - we take that total cost and require a 50% down payment with the remaining amount amortized over 3 years. At the end of the lease, said agency can opt to keep the fleet as is -- or for 40% trade-in premium secure an all-new replacement fleet on the same terms for an additional 3 years.

This approach will allow our fleet customers to always run the newest and most technology-current patrol units. In addition it will allow us to create a secondary market for lower cost sales and leasing opportunities for those agencies unable to participate at higher levels. We plant to take used units and recondition / rebuild them - yielding well-operating machines at a lower cost. There are more details to know - but we are doing our best to keep it simple.

If your agency has an interest in our Fleet Leasing program - please reach out to us for a conversation.

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  • Do you have someone writing grants in-house?
  • Would it help to have outside support for grants?
  • Our prior grant documentation might help your process move quicker
  • Would a Fleet Leasing Program be a better Option?
  • What if we could get your agency into a Glide Patrol fleet for half the upfront cost?
  • What if you could trade in your fleet every 3 years?
  • Our Fleet Leasing Program is a turn-key easy-to-navigate process
  • Glide's Fleet Warranty Support makes it worry-free
  • We stand by our products and your satisfaction
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