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GLIDE - A Great Story in the Making!

Changing electric cycling one rider at a time!

At Glide we have grown from a small bootstrap company selling to family and friends in early 2010 to a product line sold around the world! During our journey, we have strived to cater to each customer by determining what model, features and components would best fit them and their riding plan! We are excited to be able to continue that strategy into the future. And by the way, we are proud to be able to say that we design and manufacturer our products right here in California and better yet -- MADE in USA!!

We have great gratitude and appreciation for our customers who have believed in our product and company. At the end of the day, we know that its the people behind the product who make it great! And our team of engineers and designers that are just as committed to customer safety, performance and happiness as our sales guys.

With an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation, we are very excited about Glide's future. Our design team is hard at work on a new off-road dual suspension series. Stay tuned!! We truly look forward to the adventurous path that our company vision calls for and to the many years of incredible interactions with our customers and Glide enthusiasts! We encourage you to contact us with any questions, concerns or share your Glide stories with us. We'd love to hear them...

Please email us here: support@glidecruisers.com

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  • Coaching / Customization

    Interested in modifying your new Glide? We love helping our customers see their dreams come true! Wether that means unique lighting kits or other components - just let us know how we can help.

    Email Sales
  • Wear & Care Advice

    Generally Glide products require very little maintenance, but certainly there are basic wear and tear things to monitor. In order to keep you happily down the road we have care recommendations.

    Email Support
  • Service & Repair

    Depending how big your adventures are we understand that things happen! If you need help fixing components - we are happy to assist. Just reach out and we'll do our best to help.

    Email Support
  • Rental Department

    Although we don't officially have rental department yet, we are thinking about it and working with Rental Operators in key markets to set up rental operations. Know of a great rental shop near you that should have a Glide fleet? Let us know.

    Email Fleet Department
  • Mountain Riders Club

    In 2018 we plan to introduce an all new line of off-road mountain series Glides. They will have dual suspension, added power and much more! Stay tuned since we also plan to support it with a Mountain Riders Club.

    Email Rider's Club
  • Public Safety

    If you dont already know, Glide has a Public Safety division and we market a line of Glide Patrol models. We also like to support local events by providing demo units to Police Agencies for use on occasion.



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