Glide Team

C Wiggins

Christopher Wiggins

Founder / Lead Designer

Outdoors enthusiast, Sportsman and Innovator.

Product designer / engineer, innovator and founder of several design and product-based manufacturing companies. Prior companies include: Nevin Sports Systems, Inc - a watersports brand; Westmark International, Inc - sporting goods conglomerate and Snowolf Design - graphic design / web design business.

I am excited to be part of the evolving electric cycling industry. I see so much opportunity to improve our world through innovation in short-range zero emmissions transportation! At Glide we are doing our best to contribute to the e-cycling ecosystem -- one rider at a time!

Christopher Wiggins
M Wilhite

Milo Wilhite

Lead Engineer

Detailed, innovative and one talented rider!

Milo Wilhite joined our team in 2015 as our lead mechanical engineer. With over 15 years of mechanical and electrical engineering, Milo brought lots of practical experience and ability to help innovate. Our 2016 product line was positioned to be more bullet-proof and practical to manufacture. Milo played an instrumental role in meeting our goals with the new models and effeciency in fabrication and production.

We have a new off-road model on the board which is due to be released in late 2017. Milo is busy working on these drawings we expect to be meeting a new unaddressed market in the off-road markets with this new long-awaited model series. Stay tuned!

Miko Wilhite
S Hatalla

Steve Hatalla

Business Development

Driven to succeed, Team Sports enthusiast.

Steve joined Glide in Summer 2017 as a customer then an investor and more recently as a business development partner. Moving forward his primary functions: Business Development / Sales. Background: Steve has spent the last 28 years in sales and product marketing. He is also working on a golf version of the Glide.

Steve Hatalla
B Hemond

Bob Hemond

Pro Sports Division

Mr Baseball brings Glide into a new dimension

Bob joined Glide in Summer 2017 as a customer then an investor (partners with Steve Hatalla) and more recently as a business development partner. Moving forward his primary functions: Business Development / Sales in the Professional Sports division at Glide.

Background: Bob and his family have been in professional baseball dating back to the 1920s.. He was the founder of our local minor league team – Sacramento River Cats (building the stadium and team) and also owned 2 other minor league teams. His family has been part of the Arizona Diamond Backs and the White Sox in the historical early days of baseball.

Bob Hemond
P Keester

Phil Keester

Regional Sales Manager

Living one adventurous step at a time!

Phil spent over 30 years in various places around the world as a jack of trades in the marine industry that concluded with being a team member of four America’s Cup teams and events between 1992 to 2003 in San Diego and New Zealand. The last 13 years has included some project work of various nature and sales work in the telecommunications, Stand Up Paddleboard and Fitness verticals. Living one adventurous step at a time!

America's CUp Team member 1992-2003. Living one adventurous step at a time!

Phil Keester

W London

Wendy London

Promotions / Events

Always has the biggest smile around!

Wendy loves being around people and promoting those things that move and inspire her. Well, it just so happens that Wendy is one heck of a Glide rider and has been helping us the past couple years with promotional opportunities and events. We plan to have her involved with many more events, trade shows, demo days and other functions in the future!

Wendy is a professional spokes model for a variety of major beverage brands and knows how to promote!

Wendy London