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Welcome Glide Riders

Glide Riders of America is quickly becoming a thing... Well, lucky for us - that's what we're shooting for!

As our owner's list grows, so does interest for organized rides and events. Thus, we do our best to support those who want to join in the fun for special ride events like Bike Party and our Annual Christmas Ride! Although we have more owners on the West Coast -- we are working our way to the East Coast! Stay tuned... Interested in starting a rider's group in your area? Please email us here:

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  • Wear & Care Advice

    Generally Glide products require very little maintenance, but certainly there are basic wear and tear things to monitor.

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  • Coaching / Customization

    Interested in modifying your new Glide? We love helping our customers see their dreams come true and are very happy to help.

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  • Service & Repair

    Depending how big your adventures are we understand that things happen! You need help fixing components - we're here to help.

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  • Rental Department

    Although we don't officially have a rental department yet, we are thinking about it and working with Rental Operators in key markets.

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Glide SR38

SR38 Voyager

SR Series $4250
Glide SR29

SR29 Rover

SR Series $3450
Glide SR24

SR24 Scout

SR Series $2695
Glide F1

F1 Phantom

FAT Series $4995
Glide F2

F2 Raptor

FAT Series $4350
Glide XR44

XR44 Outlaw

Outlaw Series $4650
Glide XR43

XR43 Outlaw

Outlaw Series $3995

Our Innovators

C Wiggins

Christopher Wiggins

Lead Desiger / Founder
M Wilhite

Milo Wilhite

Lead Engineer
S Hatalla

Steve Hatalla

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